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The hotel Tann is closed from 21st March to 9th May included. Nevertheless we are working diligently for you and we are preparing for spring!

From 10h May we reopen with a lot of news:

  • New biologic heating system
  • New staff house
  • New theme hiking path to the "Saltner Hütte"
  • New highlights in our Tann park
  • New dishes from Barbara's forest kitchen

Also in this period, we are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 8 to 12 and 13 to 17, Saturdays from 8 to 12. Otherwise, we invite you to send us a mail or fax at any time.


Spa treatments

Tann full body massage with St John's wort emulsion or marmot massage oil

The St. John's wort emulsion is a "balm" for skin, cells and nerves.The treatment soothes fatigue, nervous disorders, promotes scar healing and relieves sunburns. After this treatment, you may not lie in the sun.

The marmot massage oil is mentioned in the mountains as "oil of life" and strengthens joints, improves circulation, relieves tension and spasms.

Duration: 50 min.
Price: € 62,-

Tann foot zone massage

Well-being massage stimulating the foot zones for relaxation and also organ work.

Duration: 50 min.
Price: € 62,-

Tann back massage

Organ and spine stimulation of the whole back with relaxing mountain herb essences.

Duration: 25 min.
Price: € 38,-

Tann head-neck-back massage

This massage causes a relaxation and stretching of the deep muscles in the back, neck and head region to optimally release tension and energy blocks.

Duration: 50 min.
Price: € 62,-

Tann full body massage with herbal stamps

The stamps filled with alpine herbs and warmed over steam act deeply, relaxing and toning bones, muscles and tissues. The special method of rhythmic and punctual movements and the warmed oil or emulsion convey strength, relief and recovery.

Duration: 50 min.
Price: € 65,-

Tann full body massage with arnica emulsion or herbal oil

Arnica is used to improve blood circulation, for bruises, strains, sprains and sore muscles. The herbal oil promotes the regeneration of skin and muscles and gives them its nourishing properties.

Duration: 50 min.
Prica: € 62,-

Please contact the reception for reservations:
Phone +39 0471 356 264
Email info@tann.it

Tann herbal bath

A bath in the wooden tub with wholesome ingredients of the forest, wrapped in a cloth bag, relaxes muscles and senses, stimulates the blood circulation, nourishes the skin and is an expectorant.

Duration: 25 min.
Price: € 35,-

Tann honey-pine bath

Honey and pine oil are a valuable combination for deep pore cleansing and stimulation with natural, self-regenerating properties: the all-around relaxing bath.

Duration: 25 min.
Price: € 35,-

Lie in a bath with water bed with pleasant temperature - the additives that are applied on the body can penetrate well into your skin thanks to the preheated "bed" and contribute extensively to care it - the hay comes from the pastures on the Renon, between 2,000 and 2,300 m above sea level.

Tann hay pack

The healing substances of the hay penetrate through the skin and the respiratory system. The sweat bath has a purifying and cleansing effect, activates the metabolism and is wonderfully relaxing - alleviates any pain.

Duration: 25 min.
Price: € 38,-

Tann rosehip creme pack

The pit oil of the rosehip is a very valuable body care. It regenerates the skin effectively, stimulates youthful freshness, gives elasticity and a healthy appearance.

Duration: 25 min.
Price: € 45,-

Tann salt wrap "anti aging"

Legs and abdomen are wrapped in linen ribbons soaked in salt solution. These salt wraps regenerate the cells, nourish the skin, stimulate the metabolism and invigorate the tissues - soft pack treatment.

Duration: 50 min.
Price: € 56,-

Tann salt wrap "detox"

Legs and abdomen are wrapped in linen ribbons soaked in salt solution. These salt wraps are purifying, detoxifying, diuretic, stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the connective tissue - soft pack treatment.

Duration: 50 min.
Price: € 56,-

Tann regeneration with quarz sand, honey and pine granulate

A full body scrub with quartz sand, honey and pine granulate causes purification, detoxification and skin regeneration. Through this unique combination, the feeling of wonderful care will be preserved for a long time.

Duration: 25 min.
Price: € 38,-

Tann purifying footbath with chalk of Rügen and detox pads

A warm footbath with chalk of Rügen to purify and for the deacidification of the organs according to the foot reflexology massage. To support the process, an Alpienne detox pad, which is warm and wet, gets compiled. It takes effect directly through liver and intestine. For a perfect conclusion, we recommend you a detox tea, which purifies through the stomach and intestine.

Duration: 25 min.
Price: € 38,-


Combined with foot reflexology massage:


Duration: 50 min.
Price: € 70,-

Alpienne - the power of the Alps at Tann

100% nature 100% different

Where nature unfolds its full splendour, up there, where the plants reveal special forces to humans, there is the special place of Tann, and the mountains are also home to Alpienne - the manufacturers of the Tann products. Here, we create natural cosmetics and body care products that ensure well-being and beauty.


Learn more about Alpienne

Do something good for your body,
so that your soul will want to live in it.

“Dream holiday in 1500 meters”

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