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Luftig – g’sund: Holiday on the powerhouse mountain

Healthy living is in the nature of things on the Tann. It is probably the fresh mountain air at 1,500 metres that does you so much good. The joviality, the friendly greetings. And maybe it’s also the wholesome delicacies from the forest kitchen that pass from your palate right into your soul.


Mountain, forest, enjoyment: The peak of good life

Light, airy and healthy. Our in-house philosophy – tannology – is based on these simple terms and symbolises the holistic holiday sensation of being close to nature in the Tann forest, at 1,500 metres above sea level. For exercise, relaxation and enjoyment. For being immersed in the South Tyrolean mountains, in the powerhouse of the forest. In experiencing and hiking, in tasting and enjoying good food. And in the unique sense of happiness that comes from being on the top of the mountain, the world and day-to-day life far below. We believe that promoting good health also means consciously focusing on the simple, the natural and the pure things in life. Through special pine applications and rituals, forest bathing and the full flavour of the unique woodland ingredients.

Mountain paradise: Good fortune on our doorstep

The greatest happiness waits outside our door: the Rittner Horn nature reserve. Because no matter how much nature we bring into our house – the closest experience of nature is outdoors. Out into the forest, over flowering alpine pastures, on to the mountain top. Step by step, breath by breath. Calves twitching, heart beating strongly, crisp mountain air in your lungs – and then: this panorama! The view is endless when you reach the top, the focus is sharpened, the unimportant things suddenly appear truly insignificant. Yes, it is true: the mountain heals body and soul. Blood pressure and pulse rate drop, ligaments and joints are strengthened, the metabolism becomes energised and happiness hormones are released.

“Dream holiday in 1500 meters”

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