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Forest walk for your taste buds

The forest: our pantry and pharmacy. The colourful, wild and aromatic champions of our forest cuisine appear on your plate – and your palate. Spicy wild herbs, spruce buds, mountain pine and wild berries. Natural powerhouses that have it all.


Overlooked remedy: The spruce

A magical tree and natural healer that is often overlooked. Spruce remedies have antiseptic, circulation-promoting, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and sweat-inducing effects. Spruce tinctures can relieve coughs and other lung diseases, as well as rheumatism, cystitis, varicose veins and skin diseases. In the forest kitchen, the spruce is a real all-rounder: Made into wild spice or spicy-sweet spruce honey, as a tea infusion or grappa.

Aromatic and hardy: The mountain pine

The mountain pine is extremely hardy. Without flinching a needle, it defies the iciest temperatures. In the field of natural medicine, its essential oils are primarily used in relaxing baths after a mountain hike or as inhalations for a persistent cough. Its antiseptic effects make the oil a popular flu remedy. But the evergreen is also a star in the kitchen: delicious in risotto, as a woodland sorbet or in a spicy sauce with game.

Healthy and delicate: The rose hip

Without question, the rose hip is the queen of the wild fruits. Full to bursting with beneficial ingredients and a veritable vitamin bomb, a beauty treatment as well as having therapeutic effects. Legend has it that three rose hips eaten around Christmas, ward off illness and personal harm. We use the rose hip in our forest kitchen for desserts, jams and tasty side dishes.

When the Tann turns green: Wild herbs

Nettles, Good King Henry and daisies. Wood sorrel and yarrow. As soon as the Tann turns green, our forest kitchen is full of exciting things. The green season is open! Barbara knows every little herb by name – and knows exactly what magical concoctions can be made from them. Carefully harvested and gently prepared, she creates a range of unique creations that not only taste delicious, but are also extremely healthy: wild spices, herbal spreads, schnapps and tinctures…

A little man in the depths of the Tann: Wild mushrooms

Mushrooms are wondrous beings: they settle down like plants, but breathe oxygen, like humans and animals. Packed with valuable minerals and amino acids, the silent little men from the forest are not only healthy, but give every dish that special umami taste. Whether porcini, chanterelle, morel or parasol – mushrooms are an essential part of forest cuisine: as a side dish with game dishes, in warming soups or in autumn salads.

Sweet, spicy and rich in vitamins: Fruits of the forest

As sweet as the wild strawberry, as rich in vitamins as the rose hip, as resinous as juniper, as tart as the rowan. The forest is very generous with its fruity treasures! Colourful and aromatic, the finest superfoods are here from spring to autumn just waiting to be found. Carefully picked, gently prepared and enjoyed with a happy sigh: as aromatic toppings, spicy pastes, jam or jelly. As syrup, juice or schnapps.

Concentrated solar energy for eating: Meadow herbs

Cheerful colours, spicy scent – the flowering summer meadow is an experience for all the senses. And the many herbs and flowers contain something even more valuable for your health: the concentrated power of the sun. Dandelion and lavender, St. John’s wort and nasturtium, borage and meadowsweet. The list is endless. And the Tann kitchen also boasts just as many uses for meadow herbs…

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