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Luftig: Forest bathing on the Tann

The forest: source of natural energy and setting of fairy tales and legends. A place of silence, of pausing and listening, of whispered secrets and of being whole. Forest bathing: more than a relaxing ritual. Of being one with nature.


Forest bathing: The pureness of being in the Tann

Forest bathing? No, it’s not a hot, pine-scented bubble bath; nor a walk through the dense green forest like Little Red Riding Hood. No reading of animal tracks or identifying plants. Forest bathing is about conscious perception, feeling and experiencing, about mindfulness and yes – also about slowing down and stillness. A detox from everyday life. At the Forest Hotel Tann, we celebrate this special experience in the form of a wellness ritual that affects body, mind and soul in equal measure. Forest bathing goes deep, has a holistic effect. Consciously immerse yourself in the sounds and scents of this habitat, in its natural and primal force. Simply mute the chatter of the mind and surrender yourself completely to sensory perception. Listen to the rustling of the wind in the tree tops, the twittering of birds and the distant hammering sounds of a woodpecker. Inhale the forest aromas along with the fresh mountain air, let the ancient tales of the trees resonate deep within. Sense the forest up close.

Forest bathing: A meditation and wellness ritual

Forest bathing is as old as humanity itself. The deep connection with nature is a basic instinct. A need that often finds no place in a hectic, noisy busy life. And yet it would be so simple! Consciously immersing yourself in the power of the forest gives you peace and strength, boosts the immune system and makes you feel good – effects that have long been scientifically researched and proven. But for us at the Forest Hotel Tann, forest bathing is much more: a wellness ritual, a way of life and perhaps the most direct reflection of our values. Enjoy the forest’s natural energy with our forest therapist, who will lead you through the healing ritual with valuable suggestions, exercises and tips.

Your personal woodland moment on holiday:
Forest bathing – once a week at the Forest Hotel Tann

Nature first-hand: Forest Kneipp and barefoot course

Spring water and forest. The interplay of heat and cold, exploring the different textures of the forest with bare feet, and feeling grounded. Nature first-hand! Our supervised Kneipp treatments and the barefoot course lead – how could it be otherwise – into the forest. These rituals are also about experiencing nature with all the senses. And while forest Kneipp is a good way to boost your circulation and immune system, shoe-sore feet enjoy their regained freedom and experience a little adventure on the barefoot course – including a healthy dose of thrilling sensations and a foot massage.

Your personal woodland moment on holiday:
Supervised Kneipp treatments and barefoot course – once a week at the Forest Hotel Tann (summer)

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