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Keep what’s precious

A respect for nature is inherent to all mountain peoples. Sustainability therefore guides our thoughts and actions, and we do everything to ensure that our paradise will remain healthy for many generations to come.


Bubbles added by our own fair hands: our mineral water

In the area of outstanding natural beauty on the Rittner Horn a multitude of springs bubble up. And our water comes from there too. Just recently we have begun to carbonate the excellent natural spring water that supplies our entire hotel in-house and serve it in our attractive Tann bottles. One good thing about this is the reduced transport miles and lower CO2emissions. We are delighted to be able to make this contribution to protecting nature and our environment.

Especially fresh food: Our ingredients

Simple, sincere, sustainable. The reason why the food on your plate at the Hotel Tann tastes so good is that it’s only travelled a very short distance. Selected quality from South Tyrol, products and ingredients that practically come from the neighbours, carefully produced with sustainability in mind. A lot comes from the Tann forest right behind the hotel – self-picked, of course! Aromatic treasures of the forest, berries, seeds and wild herbs, including more unconventional delicacies such as spruce buds and fir needles, roots and other shoots. Everything when it’s ready, at the right moment. Carefully harvested and prepared in harmony with nature.

Tastefully selected: our partners

We owe the excellent reputation of our gourmet kitchen not least to the farmers of the Rittner and the extraordinary quality of their produce. Our herb salt, for example, comes from Stieger Farm, the honey from Plattnerhof farm, the fresh vegetables from Vogelhauser farm, the potatos from Staffler farm, the apple juice from Hoterhof farm and the free-range eggs from Buchhütter farm. And not forgetting, of course, the farms on which the famously tender Rittner beef is reared. Close your eyes and enjoy!

Well fed: our natural heating

The pleasant warmth at the Tann is achieved completely in harmony with nature. This is because when it comes to energy generation, the Tann emphasizes environmental sustainability. The fuel for our modern and low-emission biomass heating system comes from sustainably managed forests; the system is fed exclusively with wood from the Ritten. We have a favourable ecological footprint thanks to the fact that our energy is generated right here.

Away from your car: our paradise

On our sunny plateau it is possible to get everywhere that is beautiful without a car. Conveniently and in an environmentally-friendly fashion. Head to the Rittner Horn on the Rittner Railway, take the modern gondola to Bolzano, and the bus to all of Ritten’s parishes stops right in front of the Tann. We will provide you with the RittenCard which entitles you to free travel and many other benefits. In this way we can all contribute to preserving our paradise.

“Dream holiday in 1500 meters”

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