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What singles us out

The source of our inspiration is nature. For this reason, our hotel has a few distinctive features that make it stand out. Each one of them benefits you and the good life. Anyone looking to get close to nature is in the right place here.


Dense green woodland and wide open spaces. Welcome to the lofty heights of the Tann!

No need to choose between the forest and wide, open spaces. We have them both. The comforting security of the forest with its unique symphony of scents and sounds – and the wide, open spaces from being up on high. We sit ‘on top of the pines’ – in the midst of a sunny forest clearing, a uniquely special place where nature is at its most powerful. 1,500 meters above sea level with clear views of the Dolomites. Perfect for breathing easy. Perfect for experiencing nature with all your senses, whether forest bathing, walking in the woods or taking a Kneipp cure.


Forest bathing

Especially fresh food: The secret of our forest kitchen

The good, wholesome, healthy food couldn’t be any fresher when it reaches the plate. Often only travelling a few metres. From pine forest to pot, from the garden to salad bowl, from neighbouring farm to hotel kitchen. Seasonal, local, fresh and aromatic – this is our definition of superfood. This is our way of enjoyment. We believe that the raw power of nature, the power from the forests, gardens, farms and fields around Klobenstein represents the healthiest and tastiest food for body and soul. Enjoyment can be so simple.


Our forest kitchen

Bubbling with life: our wonderful water

We are fortunate to be at the source. Our elixir of life comes directly from the area of outstanding natural beauty, the Rittner Horn, and is, naturally, of the very best quality. Vital to health. The spring on the Lodenmoor supplies not only the entire hotel with pure natural spring water, it also bubbles now as mineral water in glass bottles - our own Tann water with fizz!

Bathe in the scent of fresh bread: our sauna for the senses

Extraordinary wellness. The Tann is home to a traditional bread bath - the only one in South Tyrol and Italy. It uses the residual heat from the baking oven after the bread has been baked. The mild, dry heat and the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread have a stimulating and healing effect - something that the people of the Middle Ages knew. A freshly baked feeling - warmly recommended.

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“Gorgeous hotel in a fantastic location”

Friedemann, holidaycheck

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