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Wellness for body & mind

Do something good for your body,
so that your soul will want
to live in it.

Teresa of Ávila

Strengthen your body, spirit and mind. Get away from everyday life, relax let you pamper.

Alpienne - the power of the Alps at Tann


Where nature unfolds its full splendour, up there, where the plants reveal special forces to humans, there is the special place of Tann, and the mountains are also home to Alpienne - the manufacturers of the Tann products. Here, we create natural cosmetics and body care products that ensure well-being and beauty. The exceptional quality of our products is based on the usw of exclusively raw materials from controlled wild collection for manufacturing: herbs and plants from their own choice, very own alpine habitat in which they can develop the most effective force. These raw materials are carefully harvested by hand by knowledgeable people with long experience and are carefully processed with traditional manual methods. At every stage, from harvest to bottling, and above all climate neutral, the natural polarities as light and darkness, movement and stillness, warmth and cold are considered.
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