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Mountain air...

... fresh, crisp & healthy

Finally on holiday - finally some peace. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle and at the same time strengthen your health, there is nothing better than a holiday in the mountains.

Switch off - let your eyes wander over impressive alpine sceneries and clear mountain lakes - which is for many the top of relaxation. A mountain holiday is not only great to free your mind, but it also strengthens your heart, improves blood levels, melts away superfluous pounds, and the mountain air makes you sleep better.

Positive effects of a holiday in the mountains

  • Blood pressure and pulse rate drop.
  • The respiratory activity is stimulated.
  • Muscles, joints and ligaments are strengthened.
  • The metabolism is affected positively.
  • The digestive system is activated.
  • The calorie consumption increases and the weight is slightly reduced.