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Tradition, a soupcon of modernity and elegance

As a nature lover, you will love our hotel - you can experience inner peace and gather new strength for your everyday-life. In the hall a pleasant smell of wood and forest welcomes you and awakens the desire for more nature. In our light-filled rooms your dream of pure relaxation fulfills with a unique view of the surrounding South Tyrolean mountains.

Free your mind reading a good book or plan your hike for the next day in our comfortable library. It is equipped with many interesting novels, nonfiction books and books about the country and the people, folders with suggested hiking itineraries, newspapers and a computer with free internet will make your stay pleasant and relaxing.

We are especially proud of our "Place of Silence 1500m", a relaxation room with stunning view of the Dolomites, which provokes an almost weightless sensation. Lying on pre-warmed beds you can, in peace, marvel at the natural spectacle “Magic of the mountains”, only here at Tann.

Every afternoon, we will pamper your palate with appetizers and cakes, and in the evening with a menu of your choice in our dining room and sun room with stunning view of the Dolomites. In summer you can also eat on our terrace.

After dinner, relax at the hotel bar "Bergfeuer" with open fireplace. The crackling of the firewood bewitches the atmosphere and makes you really feel comfortable well looked after in our “dream house” on the Renon.

NEW: The panoramic lounge with amazing view to the Dolomites - it's your new place to be at Tann

Feeling good is suddenly so easy!