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A day at Tann...

A privileged break - my personal luxury

The gentle spring sun wakes me up from my peaceful sleep. I get up, open the window and breathe in the fresh mountain air. In front of me a breathtaking mountain view. The first daylight lets sparkle the meadows around the Tann in her green dress. I wish I could immediately go outside and walk through the grass, but the generous breakfast buffet is waiting on me: a cup of hot coffee and homemade bread with fresh jam. I can take my time and... enjoy.
I wonder how I could spend this beautiful spring day. Just 800 meters away from here there is the walking area Corno del Renon, which is a wonderful place for great hiking tours throught beautiful landcape. Back from my hikingtrip, I reward myself with a fragrant, warm bread sauna. I feel like my skin and my body gradually warm up and relax - the smell of freshly baked bread pampers my soul.
Then I lie down on a hay bed in the relax area "room of silence" and let my eyes wander over the beautiful scenery. Finally I see the so-famous sunset and the mountains on fire. I can't describe this event with words. Slowly the evening comes down and I still have time to have a sauna! And then comes the best... I dive in the heated panoramic bool with cold brine water, the starry sky above me, nearly close enough to touch, and the crisp mountain air, simply Tann.
In the evening I enjoy a delicious dinner. At the beautifully decorated table, the friendly staff serves meals that are prepared with fresh ingredients produced by the surrounding farms. As the owner Markus asks me about my day, I realize again how beautiful it is to stay at this family run hotel. After dinner, I take a drink at the hotel bar, while enjoying the magnificent view of the Dolomites, and recognize festive lights here and there. A short chat with Mark, owner of the house, gives me some new ideas on how I can spend the next day.
Luckily I found this special place - I feel in good hands here at Tann.