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Protected area

Corno del Renon

Our hotel is situated in the conservation area Corno del Renon.
It includes the high altitudes of the Renon municipality beginning with Kematen, Bad Süß, Schattental valley and the Oberinner meadows.
This protected area includes the most valuable areas in the hinterland of the populated area of ​Collalbo, Maria Saal and Oberinn which are the main attractions for tourism on the Renon or represent precious natural territories or areas for intensive alpine agricultural use.

Scenic brand mark of the 800 meters distant Pemmern are the large larch meadows and pastures, whose preservation is important not only for an esthetic point of view but also in terms of an environmental and natural aspect. Those meadows have often a large, flower-rich biodiversity.
A scenic feature represent the free-standing trees near the Saltner Hütte, which are not only very big and old, but also have an interesting pyramid shape.

Northwest of Pemmern you can reach the saddle landscape of the Roßwagen. There and in the surrounding area are some of the most important wetlands on the Renon (Roßwagenmoor, Kleebachmoor, Gassermoor, Schußmoos). From this saddle you can go to Gißmann, the highest-located and most isolated permanent settlement on the Renon. A small group of individual farms are clustered around the Church of the Visitation. This also opens the view to a new panorama, namely the western mountain chain of the Sarentino Alps.

Also the area Schattental valley-Oberinner meadows is framed by woods and is characterized by its isolated position in the quiet area. A scenic feature represents the Schattental, a long, narrow meadow valley west of the Oberinner meadows.